Pizza Time Machine, Vocelli Pizza

Featured Project

This journey follows the CEO and Senior Marketing Management for Vocelli Pizza as they accidentally travel back in time to 1969.  Rather than just return to present day, they decide to gradually make their way back to the future.  This allows them to re-experience how the pizza business has changed through the years, and how we all need to keep evolving to stay up with the times as Vocelli Pizza has done for its franchisees.

And of course how could we make a time travel piece without a cameo from an exact replica of the  DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future (provided by the Steel City Time Machine).
The guys actually got to drive the car for this piece.  They had a blast.  You can see them in the car in the pic below!

Many thanks to all the Vocelli staff who helped in the making of this video. It was used to open their 2016 Conference this past August.

Click on the production stills below to enlarge.

Most Recent Project

Zing Basket

Zing Basket is not just a grocery delivery company.  Through the use of their technology and their facility that stocks and stores the food, it is like going the grocery store and never leaving your house.  And it is a FREE 45 minute delivery!

This piece was done to show how Zing Basket is the perfect healthy alternative to the vulnerable and senior population in Pittsburgh.


Bruster's Real Ice Cream is the best tasting ice cream in America!  This commercial features what it's like at a typical Bruster's location. 
Fresh, Fun and Tasty!
There is a lot of car commercials shouting at you about their deals, this one was created to cut through the clutter, stand out, and be watchable.
This commercial was designed to make you want to feel like the woman in the spot and enjoy the special moment of picking out your wedding ring.


Arkansas Mission of Mercy

The Arkansas Mission of Mercy is a 2 day event that provides free dental care to the people of the State of Arkansas.  I am proud to say we have been creating these documentaries for them since the beginning.  And we just celebrated ARMOM's 10th Anniversary!  Our 2009 video won the President's Award presented by the America's Dentists Care Foundation for the best Mission of Mercy video created in the country. 

The video to the right is from 2014.  We chose to put this one on here because of the emotional appeal and the artwork created by our digital artist Marian Basinger (see bottom of homepage, digital artist).


Let's face it video training is not considered as art or sometimes even watchable.  But what if it was...

This training piece was developed to get Bruster's Scoopers to remember that everyone that comes to their window has a story, and be mindful of that as you are serving them.

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